The Happy Planting Season Update!

Hey all! Hope you had a dope February and March has been fantastic so far! I had a great time! In February I headed out to cover The Glass Games Masters Final hosted by CHAMPS Tradeshows. The final is the culmination of a series of events around the country through the course of the year! Everyone competing in Vegas won one of those satellite events … Continue reading The Happy Planting Season Update!

Chasing Gelato’s Story: The Sherbinski Sitdown

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the breeder of the world class cannabis strain Gelato for Cannabis Now Magazine’s print edition. The piece has now made its way to the web so I just thought I’d share the true origins here also. Mr. Sherbinski was a pleasure to interview. He’ll be remembered among the best urban breeders of his generation due to … Continue reading Chasing Gelato’s Story: The Sherbinski Sitdown

Go Check Out My Facebook Page & Summer 2017 Looks Lit

Hi all! I’m posting all the things I’m writing these days to my facebook page. I’ll be posting content from all the different places I’m writing for over there and as always appreciate your support. Also, I’m very excited for the next couple of months. June will see the NorCal Cannabis Cup hit Santa Rosa, it’s absolutely¬†one of the best cannabis events in the world, … Continue reading Go Check Out My Facebook Page & Summer 2017 Looks Lit

Happy New Year Champions!

Hope everyone made the best of the tail-end of 2016! I had a great time covering the cannabis industry for some amazing new publications this year including Cannabis Now Magazine, 7×7,, and The San Francisco Chronicle. What a ride it was watching the battle for cannabis progress unfold over the year, eventually seeing major action at the polls and in state capital buildings. Next … Continue reading Happy New Year Champions!

Quick Prop 64 Fact Sheet

Hi all, I probably won’t post much for a few days, catching/following up from a conference weekend can be atrocious. Nevertheless, I really like this basic fact sheet for prop 64 from Chris Conrad and wanted to share. If you have the time, head over to Ballotpedia for the full breakdown and links to all the lovers and haters. Please have more faith in these … Continue reading Quick Prop 64 Fact Sheet