Coronavirus Update #3: Two Months In

Well, it’s been 55 days since that faithful Saint Patrick’s Day Eve when word of the California Lockdown started to circulate. I hope you’re doing well! I’m doing pretty dope all things considered.

Writing is going awesome. I had a really fun time with my Mother’s Day Guide that dropped last week. I’ve also had the opportunity recently to cover the effort to get the cannabis industry access to Coronavirus relief programs from the Small Business Administration.

On a more serious note, I covered the ACLU’s updated report on the racial disparity in marijuana arrests continuing across the county. Despite legalization, Black America is 3.64 times more likely to end up in handcuff over cannabis than Caucasians.

I should have an article about the cannabis industry data from last month dropping in the next few days. With America starting to reopen, it looks like April will be the most complete data set on how Coronavirus impacted the cannabis industry. I presume people will be looking at the trends in that data for years to come so it was exciting to get to take a look at it before most.

Lockdown Day 55: The Pandemic Picks Part 3

I’ve smoked some pretty awesome weed in recent weeks. I think it’s the energy around getting ready to launch Devine’s Fine Cannabis Guide in the not too distant future. Please go follow the Instagram page!

Some of my recent favorite pot includes Gold Seal’s Motorbreath, C.R.A.F.T.’s fantastic Wedding Cake, and The Strawnana from Northern Emeralds. They are all absolute heat with fun terpene profiles. The Motorbreath will probably end up being the best pot of lockdown. It was 37% total cannabinoids, 32% THC, and absolute gas.

I already have much of launch strains for the guide picked out, but if you have some wild light dep about to drop let me know. I’m waiting until all of the first round of deps are done before I launch to make sure I have the freshest sungrown options on the list.

Shoutouts to everyone who is contributing on my Patreon page, I appreciate it and all the funds are going towards the guide launch.

Stay healthy!

Coronavirus Personal Update and Coverage Roundup

I hope everyone is following the instructions of healthcare professionals when it comes to Coronavirus, it’s really important we do our best to save as many lives as possible.

I’ve obviously had this impact the projects I’d been working on scheduled for the months ahead. Most notably the second edition of the Coachella Desert Smoke-Off with L.A. Weekly and the San Francisco Cup Crawl I had planned for 4/20 with the great folks over at Emerald Farm Tours. As much as I would have loved to see these things go down on time, nothing is more important to me than the health and safety of the participants. I look forward to seeing both happen in the not too distant future.

That being said, I’ve tried to make the best of the pandemic lockdown.

Since cannabis businesses were declared essential in California, I’m one of the lucky folks still able to go to work. It’s been very cool to help people this week with all the stress flying around. Also watching one of the biggest runs on cannabis ever at CBCB firsthand right before the lockdown started was nuts. It was way bigger than 4/20 for a lot of places since people were scared they wouldn’t be able to buy pot once shelter in place orders started.

As an employee for more than a decade at one of the oldest pot clubs in the world, I had a lot of faith the medical ethos the Berkeley cannabis scene was built on would persevere. While it got a bit crazy, there was never a gap in access for the community. I was very glad to see it only took San Francisco a day to catch up to us and get its shops back open.

I’ve also covered the Coronavirus pretty extensively in my writing. Last Tuesday on the lost Saint Patrick’s Day, I wrote about just how much pot had sold on the eve of the Bay Area lockdown for Cannabis Now. Most of the businesses I talked to said it was their record day or close to it.

Later on I took a look back at the whole week in sales for L.A. Weekly. The data for showed that while things never got quite as big as Monday again, sales were still awesome. While sales dipped at the end of the week, one thing that maintained all week were the above average size orders. People were buying more pot for sure.

I also wrote a piece for L.A. Weekly about how Coronavirus is impacting the supply chains around weed, food, beer, and toilet paper. I had a great time working on it and was able to get in touch with Charmin, Scott’s Paper Co., and The National Beer Wholesalers Association to get their take on the stability of their respective supply chains.

As for more chipper recent things I’ve worked on.

I talked to KindPeoples in Santa Cruz about helping WAMM restart their compassion program on March 1st, the first day they legally could after a two plus year hiatus.

Also I just dropped a garden prep guide in L.A. Weekly with great input from Vital Garden Supply and Dark Heart Nursery. It came out great and should really get you in the mood to have some dirt under your nails this summer.

And finally, my patreon is blowing up. A huge thanks and shoutouts to everyone who has signed up! All the money from that goes directly into journalism and Backwoods. \

Keep Crushing!